City of Sunnyvale

City of Sunnyvale Liaison
Nathan Truitt, Program Coordinator, Email Nathan
Office of the City Manager
City of Sunnyvale
PH 408-730-7472
FAX 408-730-7696

Nathan provides our liaison with the City of Sunnyvale and helps us obtain speakers and meeting sites. He watches out for our well-being.


Sunnyvale Neighborhoods is the umbrella group for all of the Sunnyvale Neighborhood Associations. It meets quarterly and all the Sunnyvale Neighborhood Leaders are members. The group is co-chaired by Reid Myers, and Wayne Amacher. Send an email to both of us at Duo.

Reid Myers is moderating the Yahoo Group with Wayne co-moderator. Wayne is tracking membership and maintaining the web site. We are working together to improve and grow the organization. When your neighborhood association officers change, please inform us at Duo.

Sunnyvale Neighborhoods

Contact: Duo
Co-chair: Reid Myers
Co-Chair: Wayne Amacher

Sunnyvale Neighborhood Association Contacts

Birdland Neighbors

Contact: Rose Bullinger, Email Rose
408 737-2781

Contact: IrisAnn Nelson, Email IrisAnn
408 733-4828

Braly Corners Neighborhood Association
Contact: Jack Kroll, Email Jack

Canary Drive Neighborhood Association
Contact: Steve Gospe, Email Steve

Charles Street 100
Contact: Monica Davis, Email Monica
408 507-2830

Cherry Chase NeighborhoodAssociation*
Chair: Haruko Matsuda Email Haruko
Contact: Michelle Hornberger, Email Michelle
408 507-2830

Cherry Orchard Neighbors Association
Contact: Carla Klein, Email Carla

Cherryhill Neighborhood Association

Chair: Derek Wagner Email Derek
Contacts: Kyle Welch, Email Kyle
408-481-9700 or Wayne Amacher Email Wayne
408-732-0810, 408-569-3431

Cumberland South Neighborhood Association
Contact: Reid Myers, Email Reid

Cumberland West Neighborhood Association
Contact: Cindy Martin, Email Cindy

Gavello Glen Neighborhood Association
Contact: Wolf Neumann

Heritage District Neighborhood Association
Contact: Penny Kelly, Email Penny

Lakewood Village Neighborhood Association

Contact: Judy Fernandez (Chair), Email Judy

Contact: Fred Fowler (Treasuer), Email Fred

Lowlanders Neighborhood Association
Contact: Bill Godwin, Email Bill

Morse Park Neighborhood Association
Contact: Adam Berkan, Email Adam

Ortega Park Neighborhood Association
Contact: Kitty Chuang, Email Kitty
Meetings: Call contact person

Panama Park Neighborhood Association
Contact: Robert Harms

Ponderosa Park Neighborhood Association
Contact: Vince Maniago, Email Vince

Raynor Park Neighborhood Association
Contact: Irene Castro

San Miguel Neighbors Association
Contact: Tara Martin-Milius, Email Tara

Contact: Jim Quaderer (Chair), Email Jim

Stevens Creek Neighbors
Contact: Camie Hackson, Email Camie

Stratford Gardens
Contact: Bradley Whitaker, Email Bradley

Contact: Sandy Matteucci Henderson,

Sunnyvale West Neighborhood Association
Contact: Gopal Patangay, Email Gopal

Wisteria Terrace Neighborhood Association
Contact: Naravana Penukonda, Email Naravana

West Valley Neighborhood Association
Contact: Steve Hoffman, Email Steve
Meetings: Call/email for upcoming meetings

Wrightmont Corner (believed to be defunct. Info requested)
Contact: Connie Portele, Email Connie