About Sunnyvale Neighborhoods

Sunnyvale Neighborhoods includes the officers of each Sunnyvale Neighborhood Association and meets quarterly. The organization enables neighborhood association leaders to meet each other and exchange ideas, meet Sunnyvale officials, keep up with the city, and enhance their local activies.

There are 27 Sunnyvale Neighborhood Associations. Neighborhood Associations encourage neighborhood residents to meet their neighbors for mutual benefit, enhance neighborhood pride, and improve neighborhood safety. The City of Sunnyvale maintains a web page about their neighborhood associations Sunnyvale Neighborhood Associations . You can link to a list of associations and a map on that page. You can also find information about forming a new neighborhood association if you are not already included in existing association. You are encouraged to form a new neighborhood association. It's easy. And it's very rewarding.

Sunnyvale Neighborhoods has been around for a long time and was chaired by a representive from the city until mid-2010. At that time the city left the organization in our own hands to continue as we pleased. At this point we are an ad-hoc organization; we are assigned a coordinator from the city; and we are provided with the use of city facilities and city speakers for our meetings.

Ad Hoc Procedures

  • Should it become important, allow one vote per neighborhood association on any motions
  • Should it become important, a quorum shall be five neighborhood associations